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"Dance may be able to aid with both physical and cognitive impairments, particularly due to its combined nature of including both physical and cognitive stimulation. Not only does it incorporate physical and motor skill related activities, but it can also engage various cognitive functions such as perception, emotion, and memory, all while done in an enriched environment."



The Aphasia Dance Space invites individuals with aphasia and their families to join our specially curated dance classes that aim to reconnect participants and assist in their recovery.

Dance is connected to the unique sensitivities, and abilities of each individual.
Based on a Montessori approach to creative dance, it allows the participants to expand their creative potential, personal expression, and sensibility through the language of dance.

Classes are focused on building and developing connections between:
- The body and the mind.
- Movement and verbal language.
- The person and their environment.

Each class includes:
- An introduction of a topic
- A physical and mental warm-
- Improvisation and composition tasks
- Movement phrases and choreographies
- Reflection and discussion.


Teacher: Katarzyna Ustowska-Gmerek, a professional contemporary dancer, choreographer and dance educator (MA in Contemporaray Dance Education, BPA (hons) in Contemporaray Dance and State Ballet School gratuate) who has been developing a dance program and leading classes at the In-between Words Foundation (PL), since 2017 and Aphasia Recovery Connections, since 2021 for people suffernig from ahpasia.


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