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Explore the integration of dance within Montessori environments across all stages of development. 

Discover practical tools, strategies, and dive into key dance elements: body, space, time, and energy within the Montessori context.
Create spaces for dance experiences.
Connect with the community of Montessori Dance Guide.

This workshop provides participants with insights into contemporary dance concepts and forms of dance education aligned with Montessori's Method.
This experience, featuring theory, movement, sample lessons, reflections, and discussions, allows you to gain basic knowledge on how to introduce dance ideas, creat environments for creative processes in your classroom or your home..

Designed for educators, Montessori teachers, dance teachers, and anyone interested in dance education and Montessori philosophy, this workshop introduces the foundations of dance education for children aged 1.5 and above.

Workshop for educators offer space where theory meets practice, and dance becomes a conduit for education and self-expression.

The workshop consists of:

Introduction to the Montessori Dance Guide approach

Introduction to dance education in the context of the Montessori Method. Outline of the history of dance education. Contemporary dance contexts, contemporary strategies in the field of dance education and the teacher's role.

Dance and sensory experience

The subject of sensory experience as a starting point for creative work - tools and methods.
Artistic strategies of selected contemporary artists as an inspiration for movement creation.
Exploration of dance relations: the inner and the outer space.
Study of the dance elements:
- the concept of the body
- the concept of space: size, level, direction and the path of movement, by referring to the geometry, nature and the dance scores.

Reality as source of inspiration
The subject of reality as a source of inspiration for creative work.
Getting to know the work and the artistic tools of selected contemporary artists. Exploration opf the dance elements:
- the concept of time: a sensory study of speed and rhythm.
- the concept of force: energy, weight and flow of the movement.
Learining about the strategies and structures of the class.

Summary and reflection


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