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Dance Aphasia

"Dance may be able to aid with both physical and cognitive impairments, particularly due to its combined nature of including both physical and cognitive stimulation. Not only does it incorporate physical and motor skill related activities, but it can also engage various cognitive functions such as perception, emotion, and memory, all while done in an enriched environment."


Kasia's Aphasia Dance workshops offers dance as means of communication, expression, and recovery for individuals with aphasia and their families.Aphasia, is a speech disorder following a stroke, tumor, or accident, and can manifest in speaking, reading, writing, understanding, and counting difficulties. These classes are designed to foster reconnection and aid in the recovery process. Dance, uniquely tailored to the sensitivities and abilities of each participant, empowers participants to expand their creative potential, express themselves personally, and heighten their sensibility through the language of dance.







WHY can DANCE be a beneficial practice for post-stroke individuals with aphasia?

* Dance positively influences neuroplasticity in stroke survivors, aiding the brain's ability to reorganize and form new neural connections.

* Stimulates sensory-motor pathways in the brain, fostering new connections between different brain areas.

* Encourages the brain to form new connections and regain motor skills.

* Elicits positive emotions, releasing neurotransmitters like dopamine.

* Opens avenues for social interaction and communication, supporting neuroplastic changes in the brain.

* Facilitates non-verbal expression and connecting with others.

* Encourages collaboration, co-creation, and sharing experiences, enhancing a sense of belonging and self-worth.

* Unites and breaks isolation.

Each class includes:
Introduction of a topic

Physical and mental warm-up

Improvisation and composition tasks

Movement phrases and choreographies

Reflection and discussion.

Join our specially curated dance classes that aim to reconnect participants and assist in their recovery.




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