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Dance and Montessori

MDG approach

The Montessori Dance Guide (MDG) is a unique approach to dance that embraces the principles of Montessori education. By using the language of dance, MDG fosters the expansion of creative potential, personal expression, and sensibility in every individual. Recognizing and honoring the uniqueness of each person's movement style is at the core of MDG, allowing participants to develop their own artistic voice and shape their environment through the transformative power of dance.

Dance in the context of Montessori education can contribute to individual development in numerous ways, including:

Self-Expression and Creativity

Social Skills and Collaboration

Concentration and Focus

Sensory Integration

Cultural Appreciation and Diversity

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Cognitive Development

Grace and Courtesy

Gross Motor Skills

Physical and Emotional Well-being

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The Montessori Dance Guide (MDG) is a specialized approach to dance education that combines the principles of Montessori philosophy with the expressive art of dance. It offers a unique framework for individuals to explore and develop their creative potential, personal expression, and sensitivity through movement.

At its core, MDG recognizes dance and movement as powerful tools for self-discovery and holistic development. Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, MDG fosters a deep understanding of the individual's unique capabilities and learning styles. It emphasizes the importance of personalized learning experiences, encouraging participants to embrace their own movement styles, preferences, and creative instincts.

In the Montessori Dance Guide, teachers serve as guides and facilitators, providing a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to explore and express themselves authentically. The focus is on fostering self-motivation, curiosity, and a sense of responsibility for one's own growth. Through MDG, participants are invited to discover the connections between their body, mind, and emotions, and to use dance as a means of communication and self-expression.

By integrating the Montessori philosophy with the art of dance, the Montessori Dance Guide offers a unique and enriching educational experience. It provides a platform for individuals to expand their understanding of themselves and the world around them, while cultivating their artistic abilities and nurturing their personal growth and development through the transformative power of movement.

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