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Kasia’s creative dance classes provide a unique framework for children to explore and nurture their creative potential, personal expression, and sensitivity through dance exploration. In the classes children will connect and experiment with fundamental dance elements: body, space, time, force, and their relations. This approach to dance is grounded in reality and draws inspiration from renowned artworks, ideas, and the creative processes of dance artists.
The structure of each class includes a physical and mental warmup, a presentation of the class theme, followed by dance explorations in which the children communicate ideas and their personal stories through movement. The children are encouraged to play with compositional and choreographic tools to create a dance to be shared and exchanged within a group. The class finishes with cooling down and stretching, followed by sharing reflections and observations of the class. Aligned with the Montessori approach, the dance classes contribute to a childs individual development in numerous ways including their self-expression, social skills, concentration, self-esteem, cognitive development, gross motor skills, and overall physical and emotional well-being. The classes support children in perceiving dance not merely as a set of movements but as an artistic expression that enriches their everyday experiences. It's an invitation for self-reflection and growth, where dance becomes a transformative expression of self-discovery and creativity.
The Montessori Dance Guide (MDG) is a unique approach to dance that embraces the principles of Montessori education. By using the language of dance, MDG fosters the expansion of creative potential, personal expression, and sensibility in every individual. Recognizing and honoring the uniqueness of each person's movement style is at the core of MDG, allowing participants to develop their own artistic voice and shape their environment through the transformative power of dance.

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